At Facets Relational Care, the focus of each session is the reconciliation of persons and self-discovery. Jennifer uses a unique blend of Enneagram & Myers-Briggs personality theory to create a session that is unlike any other.

See below for more information on which session style may be right for you.




A pre-marriage session is perfect for the couple who plans to get married. This type of session focuses on learning about each other in depth using the Enneagram while simultaneously discovering the fundamentals of a strong, healthy, marriage.

Examples of topics covered in this type of session...

  • Identifying any personality differences that cause conflict & developing resolution tactics when possible
  • Discussing the differences between chemistry & compatibility while learning how to tell if you have them
  • Discovering where your natural personality strengths are and how to use them to help your partner and sustain your relationship
  • Finding each persons love communication style
  • Exploring beliefs about marriage and getting down to the root of what each partner really wants out of the relationship
  • Detect your attachment styles


A marriage session is for couples who just want to improve their communication and couples who feel they may need help resolving a conflict or hurt that's causing marital distress. The focus here is on healing and restoration.

Examples of topics covered in this type of session...

  • Exploring areas of disagreement through the lens of personality theory to teach each partner how to see from the others perspective
  • Sexual dissatisfaction
  • Discovering communication differences and sharpening communication skills
  • Exploring whether or not divorce/separation is a viable option
  • Identifying areas where there is and is not natural chemistry and compatibility


Sessions for individuals are perhaps the most diverse. We will cover a wide variety of topics as requested by the client.

Examples of topics covered in this type of session...

  • Type discovery and how to use that information to change your life
  • Addressing habitual behaviors that are hard to break
  • Discussing any relational concerns and learning how to adapt using your personality style
  • Exploring individual strengths and weaknesses and how to use that information to select areas of academic study and/or career, etc.
  • Using your unique personality style to process grieving and learning how you heal from abuse and trauma
  • Discovering your communication style and it's corresponding strengths and weaknesses

Facets Relational Care is now offering consultation sessions just for fiction authors! These confidential sessions seek to help authors create lifelike and relatable characters using the Enneagram, Myers-Briggs, and psychology. The influence of Facets Relational Care can be seen in the work of author B. Dawson Urquidez's upcoming fantasy trilogy, The Divine Legacy. (Soon to be released! Check back for dates!)

If you're interested in character development consultation sessions at FRC, please see our "services" tab for pricing and additional information.


"I'm so glad I came across your YouTube channel. You are so knowledgeable and accurate about the Enneagram types. I am definitely subscribing to your channel!" - H. H. 
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